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Bereavement Links



The Centering Corporation has helpful resources for persons experiencing many types of losses (e.g., grieving the death of a child, sibling, grandparent, spouse, etc.) http://www.centering.org

Growth House, Inc., provides education about life-threatening illness and end of life care. Although their primary mission is to improve the quality of compassionate care for people who are dying, this site offers a wealth of material on grief and loss. http://growthhouse.org

Cruise Bereavement Care (UK). The website provides information for adjusting to the death of a loved one with useful links to relevant books, websites, and material on the grief of children, adolescents, and adults (including a separate link to “the military family”). http://www.crusebereavementcare.org.uk

The Coping Centre, with branches in a variety of Ontario and Alberta centres, offers programmes for children, teens, young adults, and adults who have suffered the death of a loved one. http://www.copingcentre.com

Widowed.ca is a free online resource for widows, widowers and their loved ones, providing an easy way to locate a wide variety of information and services needed during the transition following the death of a spouse, parent or loved one.?The mission of widowed.ca is to provide trusted resources within one’s local community to assist the widow(er) with such tasks as finding the right realtor, dealing with caregiver stress, and grieving the death of a loved one. http://widowed.ca

Bereaved Families of Ontario (BFO). BFO provides compassionate non-denominational mutual help for families and individuals who have lost a significant person to death. Through the many affiliates in Ontario, BFO offers support after the loss of an infant, a child, an adult child, a parent, a brother or a sister, an adult sibling, a grandchild or a spouse – regardless of the cause of death. http://www.bereavedfamilies.net

Supporting Grieving Children/Adolescents

Winston’s Wish is the leading childhood bereavement charity and the largest provider of services to bereaved children, young people and their families in the UK. They offer practical support and guidance to families, professionals, and anyone concerned about a grieving child http://www.winstonswish.org.uk

The Dougy Center provides support for children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death. There sections on “grief resources” and “books and DVDs” provide helpful information for parents, teachers, and others helping children in grief. They also offer activity books for bereaved children. http://www.dougy.org

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support. The mission of Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Inc. is to serve those whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or in the first few months of life. This website features: videos of loss from bereaved parents; books and other resources on early pregnancy loss, neonatal loss, and stillbirth; a section devoted to grieving dads; and a “facts for family and friends” tab with suggestions on how to support parents when a baby dies. http://www.nationalshare.org

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (CFSID). The death of an infant due to SIDS is a tragic event not only for the parents but also for the entire family unit. Siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are all affected by such a loss. CFSID is dedicated to providing emotional support for those affected and to promote and support innovative SIDS research. This website offers education about SIDS, the opportunity to post a memorial for a baby that has “left us too soon”, and it provides links to a variety of bereavement resources. http://sidsalliance.org

First Candle. First Candle is a national (US) nonprofit health organization uniting parents, caregivers and researchers nationwide with government, business and community service groups to advance infant health and survival. In addition to a tab for professionals who are offering grief support, this valuable website has information on “surviving stillbirth”, “surviving the sudden death of a baby”, and suggestions for helping children, grandparents, friends, and relatives. http://www.sidsalliance.org

Homicide/Violent Death

Canadian Crime Victim Foundation (CCVF). The CCVF’s mission is to educate service providers about the needs of those victimized by violent crime, to advocate for legislative change and victim assistance, and to foster research into the effective interventions for victims. This website offers a list of CCVF programmes and services, information for victims, news articles, public polls, and links to a variety of helpful websites. The CCVF advocates tirelessly for victim rights in Canada. http://www.ccvf.net

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada). This website outlines the initiatives taken by MADD Canada to stop impaired driving and support victims of this violent crime. There is a description of the services and programmes MADD Canada offers, its various news bulletins and publications, and information about volunteering and establishing local chapters. http://www.madd.ca/madd2/

Parents of Murdered Children (POMC). This website is for parents and other co-victims of homicide. http://www.pomc.com

Lean On Me is a Canadian, not-for-profit organization with the goal of providing practical and emotional support and resources for those whose lives have been transformed by violence. Lean on Me offers 12-week mutual-help groups, facilitator and professional development training, and monthly support meetings in Hamilton, ON. http://www.lean-on-me.org


Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. The CASP website has a list of publications and a national list of crisis centres. Its mandate is also to “ease the suffering, to heal our communities and our neighbours … and to end the silence and prevent others from experiencing such loss”. http://www.casp-acps.ca

Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors. This site was designed by survivors for survivors. It contains a bookstore, community forum, memorial wall, and recommended readings for those grieving loss by suicide. http://www.allianceofhope.org

American Association of Suicidology. This website has excellent links to a variety of suicide-related topics including resources for suicide survivors and “suicide attempt survivors”. http://www.suicidology.org